About Kremer Funeral Home

Kremer Funeral Home has been serving Omaha since 1936. Our building, located in Benson on the corner of 63rd and Maple, was built in 1910 and 1911 and initially served as Benson Methodist Episcopal Church. Fred and Helen Kremer purchased the building in 1935, and Kremer Funeral Home opened in June of the following year.

Since then, Kremer Funeral Home has helped families navigate the difficult times following the death of loved ones. We’re still located in the same building and provide the high-quality funeral home services that Kremer Funeral Home was founded on.

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality funeral home services. Whether you’ve decided to pre-plan a funeral, or you need to make arrangements following the passing of a loved one, you can count on our staff to provide the highest level of service.

We understand how difficult it is to arrange a funeral after someone you love has passed. We’re fully committed to doing as much as we can to make the process simple so you can focus on what really matters.

Travis Sheffield

Owner, Funeral Director, Pre-Need Insurance Agent