Kremer Funeral Home’s Process

At Kremer Funeral Home, it’s our top priority to make the process that follows the death of a loved one stress-free and easy. Our Funeral Directors will work with each family directly to help them know what their options are, as we know each family’s situation will be different.

What We Do

If there was no pre-planning done by the deceased, we will walk you through the options available depending on whether you want a cremation or burial of the deceased.

Work with or find next of kin.

In most cases, we will be working closely with the deceased’s closest relative (most often a child or a parent), but not all cases are the same. In the event that there are no immediate next of kin, appropriate family members will be found and notified.

Determine the locations of a service and visitation.

Families have many options for where and when they would like services to be held, and it’s important to determine these early to make sure that arrangements with a desired location can be accommodated for a funeral or public visitation service.

Compose an obituary or remembrance.

After collecting biographical and survivor information, we will send obituaries or remembrances to media outlets at the request of the family.

Choose a cemetery, crematory, or other place of disposition.

Discussing and arranging any details regarding cremation or burial of the deceased will occur prior to the funeral or visitation service.

Reach Out

The team at Kremer Funeral Home is here for you. Contact us today to let us help with your next steps.