Cremation Services in Omaha, NE

If cremation is preferred following the death of a loved one, Kremer Funeral Home offers cremation services in addition to traditional funeral services. Whether cremation was pre-arranged or requested in conversation by the deceased before their passing, or if it simply makes the most sense for those who survive the deceased, Kremer Funeral Home will guide you through the process.

Cremation Services Include Full Funeral Home Services

Our cremation services still include everything that would be done for a traditional burial, including a visitation, funeral service, and committal service.

We Simplify the Process

We’re here to make the process of arranging a funeral simple for you. The time following the passing of a loved one is difficult and stressful. Worrying about arranging a funeral only makes it more difficult. We’re here to make navigating the entire process easier for you.

Personalized Cremation & Funeral Services

Our full attention is on the deceased and their family from start to finish. Our Funeral Directors work with you every step of the way. We care about providing the best experience possible for the family and giving the deceased the memorable funeral they deserve.

Affordable Cremation Services

Funeral costs often add stress to an already overwhelming situation. We take pride in providing high-quality cremation services that are among the most reasonably priced in Omaha.

Cremation Packages

Additional Options

THIS IS NOT A GENERAL PRICELIST. A general pricelist is provided upon request.

$375 – Separate Day Visitation (2 Hours)
$185 – Each Additional Day of Visitation

$200 – Additional Charge for Weekend Service (Saturday/Sunday)
$100 – Additional Charge for Evening Service (after 5pm)

$16 – Death Certificate (NE)
$15 – Death Certificate (IA)

$75 – State of Iowa Cremation Permit

$250 – Estate or Insurance Processing (Up to $5,000)
$450 – Estate or Insurance Processing (From $5001 – $10,000)

$100 – Refrigeration of Remains in Excess of 1 Day (Per Day)
$150 – Autopsy Repair

$35 – Hairdresser

$3.05 per mile for transportation beyond a 20 mile radius

Escort prices determined by Escort Service.
Flower prices determined by Florist.
Obituary prices determined by newspaper selected.

**Cemetery cost for opening and closing the grave or cost of grave not included.

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